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Luxury and Sustainability


Most consumers of luxury products and services use then as a symbol of success. However, the definition of success -and the way it is perceived by others- is changing. Many of these successful consumers now wish and want the brands to reflect their concerns and aspirations for a better world. In future, the highest quality product or service will be the one that generates the most benefit to all involved in its production and trade Consumer’s knowledge of that benefit will be essential to their elite experience, and to the prestige ascribed to then by their peers. Therefore, luxury brands could represent the greatest positive contribution any product or service could make to people and planet: they would identify the luxury consumer as a person who has both the means and the motivation to ensure that other people improve their quality of life. This «deeper», «more authentic» approach to luxury would require trully excellent social and environmental performance; in general, consumers expect excellence in this, because they expect it in all aspects of a luxury brand. For this reasons, the Instituto de Estudios para la Sustentabilidad Coporativa [Center for Study of Corporate Sustainability] decided to create the Centro de Estudios para el Lujo Sustentable [Center for Study of Sustainable Luxury].